The OG Sim Collection is LIVE 

Press the button below to buy an OG Sim

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How to purchase an OG Sim:


Click the “BUY” button to be redirected to our secure sale website that is powered by


Once there you must complete a captcha.

After that select the quantity you desire (limit of 5 per transaction). 

Each OG Sim is 28 ADA.


Press the button “COPY ADDRESS” and send the exact amount of ADA to that address. We are using a multi address system.


The captcha and multi address system is in response to issues with bots during previous CNFT drops.


Your NFTs will be sent to your wallet address once payment is received. Please use a trusted Cardano wallet.


Thank you.

To help fight against bots and protect fairness within the community - The maximum per wallet address is up to five transactions for a total of up to 5 NFTs. If you send more ADA than that wallet address allows, then your ADA will be refunded along with the purchased NFTs.


You are able to make up to 5 purchases per wallet address. If you wish to purchase more, you are welcome to use another wallet address.